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House Rules

Joy Hotel – House rules

In the following rules you will find the house rules of our hotel. If you violate one or more rules you will need to leave the hotel immediately. We will make a report of the offense to the police.

By signing the Registration Form upon check in you agree to follow and adhere by the hotel’s house rules.

To make the stay comfortable for each guest, we ask you to follow the rules below:

  1. No smoking is allowed in the hotel. If smoking occurs, a cleaning fine of € 250 is charged. Smoking in the hotel is prohibited by Dutch law. (This includes, but not limited to vaping, e-cigarettes, etc.)
  2. The usage of candles (open flame), incense and anything that produces fire and/or smoke is prohibited due to fire safety.
  3. Use or possession of any kind of drugs is not allowed on the hotel premises.
  4. Use of laughing gas is not allowed in the hotel.
  5. At all times you are to leave room in clean states. The room must be left in good states.
  6. Do not move the furniture in the room.
  7. The damage in the room will be paid by the perpetrator.
  8. Please do not disturb other hotel guests by loud noise in hotel rooms, hallways and public areas, especially between 22:00 PM till 09:00 AM.
  9. You can check-in after 15:00 PM. Check in before this time is subject to availability.
  10. Guests must be at least 18 years of age to check in.  In the interests of security and to prevent fraud, guests are required to confirm their identity by providing their valid government issued photo identification (ID card, passport, driver’s licence etc.) at check-in.
  11. A valid credit card is required for guarantee upon check in. In case a credit card is not available € 150 deposit is required to be paid upon check in, this will be refunded in cash upon departure, subject to an inspection of the property.
  12. Check out time is until 11:30 AM. If you wish to retain your room beyond the official check out time, please inform reception before this time. Please note, that late check out fee may apply. Extensions also have to be made before the official check out time, and of course has additional costs for the added night(s). Late check out and extensions are subject to availability.
  13. There are no pets allowed in the hotel.
  14. Visitors are required to register at reception. Guests have to report their visitors and responsible for their visitor at all times.
  15. Room occupancy requirements are based on fire code/fire safety restrictions. If you exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, you will be asked to rent another guestroom (subject to availability) for proper accommodations or vacate the hotel.
  16. Parking for registered guest(s) is €15 per day. All vehicles must be registered at check-in. All vehicles are parked at the risk of the owner.  The hotel does not assume liability or responsibility for any vehicle, occupants, or contents while operated or parked on the hotel property.
  17. The hotel reserves the right to cancel or change your reservation by any means necessary.
  18. The hotel is not responsible for accidents and thefts. There is a safe in your room where you can keep your valuables.
  19. Please do not remove or cover the fire detector. There is a fine of €400 and immediate check out if the fire detector is removed or covered.
  20. In the event of disturbance, illegal practices or obstructing other guests and/or staff, the hotel reserves the right to terminate the reservation immediately without refund of the paid reservation amount.
  21. Joy Hotel does not make its location available for purposes other than those stated in our policy, it is therefore prohibited to trade, heal goods or offer services. The amount of a room already paid will not be refunded.
  22. At various places in public areas there are cameras, and guests agree that recording can be made of them while they are in our hotel. In case of calamities and/or incidents, these recordings can be shown as supporting material to the authorities.

In all cases not mentioned in these regulations, the management of the hotel decides.

We would like you to enjoy your stay in our hotel.